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Uniform components (pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, blouses, shirts, and sweaters) may be purchased through:




The uniform requirements are on file at Dennis Uniforms


All students must be in uniform every day.  Boys from Kindergarten through 8th grade are required to wear ties on Mass days. The tie may be worn over a white shirt and may be removed after the student returns to the classroom after Mass. There will be out-of-uniform days (free-choice) which will be announced during the course of the school year (a dress code for such days is included below).  If there is a time when the prescribed uniform cannot for some legitimate reason be worn, a note from the parent/guardian must be written to the Principal.  Students who are out of uniform without this excuse will be sent to the office and the parent will be called to bring the proper clothing to the student. 

Attire for P.E.

Middle school students must change into St. Mary Spirit Shirt and shorts. The girls must wear long, “basketball” style shorts for P.E. No female student may wear “sofee” cheerleading-style shorts for P.E.  If shorter shorts are worn, long compression shorts must be worn underneath. If there is a valid reason for a child not to change clothes for PE the reason must be supported by a written note from a parent. Disciplinary action may be taken with students not prepared with proper PE attire.

St. Mary spirit t-shirts and sweatshirts will be available in the school office.

Attire on Free Choice Days

Dress is expected to be conservative, appropriate and modest at all times. Students may wear jeans that fit, do not sag and have no holes in them. T-shirts are acceptable as long as they do not contain inappropriate language or advertise alcohol or tobacco products. Neither girls nor boys may wear tank tops. Young ladies who wish to wear skirts, dresses, or shorts may not have a hemline shorter than two inches above the knee. Crop tops are unacceptable, and midriffs must be covered at all times. Open toe or sling shoes are not permitted. Click here for the 2018-19 Free Choice & Spirit Day Calendar.

Other Attire

Brownie, Cub, Girl/Boy Scout uniforms may be worn on meeting days, but the complete uniform must be worn. The Campfire shirt and vest are to be worn with the uniform shorts or pants.

Hair and Makeup

Cosmetics or make-up are not to be used during school hours or worn during the school day with the exception of black or brown mascara for girls in 6th – 8th grade. light colored nail polish may be worn. However no articifial nails may be worn. No visible tattoos of any kind.

No excess jewelry. Girls may wear post or small hoop styled earrings. (No body piercing).

No hair coloring, tints, frost or colored gels that would be distracting in the classroom is allowed. A neat, conservative hairstyle of reasonable length and color (i.e. collar length for boys) is required. Hair must be clean and combed.


Tennis shoes are recommended since P.E. classes are held daily. Shoes must be properly laced. No sandals, heels, clogs or open shoes; this includes CROC style shoes/clogs.

Cold Weather

Students may wear a plain navy blue sweater/sweatshirt or a St. Mary’s sweatshirt in the classroom.  Boots, (cowboy or heels) may not be worn during the school day. Winter style boots may be worn. However, students must bring shoes to change into for P.E.

Montessori Uniforms

Boys and girls: Red St. Mary Catholic School T-shirt, available in the office

Navy blue elastic waist shorts, pants or skorts

Velcro athletic shoes are recommended. No sandals, heels, clog or open shoes; this includes CROC style shoes/clogs.

Kindergarten – Fifth Grade Uniforms

Go to Dennis Uniforms for uniform requirments