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Reading Intervention Program

The Reading Intervention Program is provided for students struggling with grade level reading skills. Students are identified by classroom teachers and screened by the Reading Specialist using the CORE Reading Assessment. Once students are identified and screened, they are scheduled for small group or individual pull out lessons. Students generally attend 30 minute reading intervention lessons 3 or 4 times a week. These lessons target the specific areas of difficulty of each student.


Math Intervention

At St. Mary, we use the Pinpoint Math Intervention Program. Students having difficulty in class are identified by their teachers and given a screening test. This test identifies the specific concepts and strategies students are having difficulties with. Teachers can then target these concepts individually within class or by using the Pinpoint Math Intervention Program lessons. The advantage of Pinpoint is that a program can be designed to address the specific needs of an individual student. Some students may be pulled out for small group instruction by the classroom aide.