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Academic Information


The Diocesan curriculum guidelines, consistent with the State of Oklahoma guidelines, are followed for the teaching of all secular subject areas.   St. Mary School offers students opportunities for growth in the following major subjects:


Catholic doctrine and tradition, Bible study, Social Justice, preparation for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, and Eucharist.  Liturgical services are held each Wednesday for the entire school community. 

Computer Literacy

 Word Processing, Data Base, Spread Sheets, Effective Use of Social Media, and Integration with Curricular Subjects.

Fine Arts

Music, Visual Arts, Art, and Band.


Beginning the second semester of 3rd grade, students are expected to submit all handwritten work in cursive.

Language Arts

Reading, English, Spelling, Vocabulary, Composition, Library Skills, and Appreciation of Literature.


Mathematics Skills, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I for eligible students. In order to allow teachers to meet students’ individual needs in mathematics instruction, students are able to move up to the next grade after an initial evaluation period at the beginning of each yearThe evaluation includes: Student math averages, ITBS math stanine scores, and teacher recommendation based on observations of student skills, effort, and ability determine placement.

Grade 7  At the end of Grade 6, students will be placed into instructional math groups according to their final math average, ITBS math stanine averages, and teacher recommendation based on observation of student skills, effort, and ability.  Based on these criteria, students will be placed in either Pre-Algebra OR Comprehensive 7th Grade Math.
Grade 8 At the end of Grade 7, students in Pre-Algebra will be eligible to take Algebra I  based on the following: Final average of at least 86% in Pre-Algebra  ITBS Composite Math score from the previous school year. Recommendation from teacher indicating the student has demonstrated a strong work ethic, consistently completed homework, and displays the ability to master Algebra I course material. Upon meeting the criteria listed above, students will be placed in Algebra I in their eighth grade year. This placement is probationary and contingent upon ongoing acceptable performance in the Algebra I class. This is a high school level course and can be used for high school credit. Students not eligible to take Algebra I according to the criteria outlined above will be placed in Pre-Algebra.

Physical Education

Physical fitness programs appropriate for each grade.


General Sciences and Laboratory Experiences.

Social Studies

History, Geography, Economics, State History, and Current Events.


Vocabulary, common expressions, grammar, conversation, and culture.