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The purpose of the CARE team is to work toward making positive changes in the lives of students.  CARE is an acronym that stands for:

    C:  Cares about both the individual and the system

    A:  Assesses by gathering information, discussing, and planning

    R:  Responds by following through with interventions

    E:  Evaluates the effectiveness of interventions and determines the need to reassess

Students may be referred to the CARE team by any professional in the school, including but not limited to teachers, support staff, and administrators.  A referral may happen for a variety of reasons.  Some of these reasons include poor academics, behavioral challenges, stressful family events, or specific incident-related referrals. 

The members of the CARE team will vary a bit from situation to situation.  The CARE team is typically made up of the student’s parent(s) and/or legal guardians, the student’s primary teacher(s), and the school administrator , Specialist teachers, the student resource specialist, and any outside consultants, therapists, and other professionals invited by the school or family may also be on a student’s CARE team.   

The frequency of the CARE meetings for each student depends on the needs of the student.  Some CARE teams will meet a few times to review a specific incident and evaluate the interventions put into place; other CARE team meetings will take place once a quarter or more.  Each CARE team is individualized to the student and to the situation, and the activities of the student’s CARE team will be determined on a case-by-case basis.